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Baby Gift ft. 3 Sprouts & Meal Time

Today’s basket is something I put together for a baby who’s about 3 months old. At this point, we figured they already have all the basics and essential items – and the next stage will be when they start on solids.

I chose this 3 Sprout organizer because I thought it would be a good size to contain everything. Plus it’s useful on the go so that you have easy access to your drinks, phone, wallet – anything you need easy access to.

I wanted everything to relate to mealtime yet all have a different purpose. These were the items I ended up with based on what I personally liked and what had great reviews on Amazon.

1. Munchkin Miracle 350-Degreee Trainer Cup
2. Munchkin Love-a-bowls
3. Skip hop Snack cup
4. Boon Pulp Silicon Feeder
5. Skip hop Fold and Go Silicone Placemat

To help hold everything together I stuffed some tissue paper at the bottom of the basket so hold the items higher up & used some tape to hold a few items in place.

Here’s the end result:

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