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Baby Shower Gift Baskets ft. 3 Sprouts

Portable Diaper Caddy

This makes a cute, thoughtful and practical gift. Even if you have your diaper station set up, it’s helpful to have a portable diaper caddy so you can change your baby if you’re in a different floor of the house. Also good if you didn’t get a chance to pack your diaper bag, you can just grab this and toss it in the car with you. I actually ended up making a 2nd one to keep at my parent’s place, that way I don’t have to worry about carrying enough diapers if I extend my stay.

This is what I considered my essentials:

3 Sprouts Diaper Caddy – $13 – This is a cute one from 3 sprouts, they have a lot of animals to choose from.

Diapers – In his current size. I like Pampers Swaddlers, the one pictured is from parasol – they have a lot of cute designs (I haven’t tried them yet, will report back)

Change of clothes – these Kimono style onesies from H&M are my favorite. They also carry a long sleeve version. You can grab a two pack for $15 or three pack for $20.

Beanie – just in case he’s cold. I really like the one from Kid’s Stuff [truc enfants] – the beanies are made in Montreal and made of 66% rayon of bamboo, 28% cotton, 6% spandex. Super soft and a big bonus: it fits newborns to 6 months. You can find these hats from $15-20.

Washcloths – for feeding or spit ups. I like these ones from Burt’s Bees Baby – made with organic cotton, $8.

Water Wipes – These are great, they’re good for sensitive skin and doesn’t leave a film residue behind. I recommend spending the extra $ for these wipes. You can find a pack of 240 wipes for $20 (I also seen a 60 count version for approx $5).

After that you can top up the caddy with your choice of diapering products. I thought I wouldn’t use vaseline, but it works well on my little one’s behind. As for the diaper rash cream, Wedela is a good organic brand for mild rashes. Penaten is good non-organic alternative (and to be honest, more effective).

Based on my recommendations you can put this gift together for about $80. You can add more products or swap out some of my recommendations to adjust to your budget.

Newborn Essentials

Aden & Anais Swaddle – They swaddle babies at the hospital and my baby continues to enjoy being swaddled… it helps him from getting startled. I recommend gifting a single swaddle in a pattern you really like. I find that people like to gift these blankets. Not to mention it can get pretty costly if you purchase one of those 4 packs. I also like swaddles from Bebe au Lait, Lulujo, and Little Unicorn.

Kimono style onesie – I don’t know why they don’t have more onesies like this. When your baby is a newborn, they’re too floppy to try to pull a traditional style onesie over their fragile heads. I like this because I just open it up and lay my baby on it – the rest is easy.

Baby socks – I had a summer baby, so he gets hot in a footed sleeper. I ended up dressing him in the kimono style onesie with some socks.

Kyte Baby Knotted beanie – these are so sweet on a newborn.

S’well water bottle – This was a must have during pregnancy. I would crave ice cold water – so it was nice to have it with me at home and on the go. After delivery I wanted to drink warm water and I ended up purchasing a 2nd one to keep hot water. This can also double up as a bottle warmer if you have a larger bowl, you can let your bottle sit in the hot water to warm it up.

Toy basket – Babies, have a lot of little things. You can use this to catch dirty laundry, keep clean laundry, or just a catch all. Once they’re older they can keep their toys in here.

Baby blanket – Not to sleep with – yet. But great to lay down on the sofa, floor, bed – wherever you want to keep your baby clean on…or the other way around – keeping your furniture clean from baby.

I really enjoy putting together “gift baskets” – I find that it’s fun to shop for and fun for the gift receiver to open. I hope these ideas inspire you, below are a few other baskets to choose from!

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