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Baby Shower Gift Guide for all Budgets

To be honest, before I became pregnant – I wasn’t sure what type of gifts I should get. I think this is common for most people shopping for the new parents-to-be, we just go for what we think is cute & our version of “useful”. So, it’s probably things like: swaddle blankets, a cute Jellycat toy, baby outfits, etc.

Most people want to buy the “fun stuff”.

Now that I’m reaching closer to my due date, these are some of the things that I had on my own registry, received as gifts, or have purchased myself.

From L to R:

The Basket

Row 1:

  1. Petit Pehr Pom Pom Bin – $50
  2. 3 Sprouts Bin –  $13
  3. Tissue paper

To be honest, any cute lil bin will do. Unless you love it – I wouldn’t spend the bulk of your budget on this. I would check out my local winners to see what they have. Another alternative is to check out the dollar store if you just want something to hold everything together!

The Essentials

Row 2:

  1. ComoTomo Silicone Baby bottle $23
  2. Goumikids Scratch Mitts – 13
  3. Fridababy Nosefrida – $23
  4. Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup – $7

Row 3:

  1. Fridababy Nailfida – The SnipperClipper – $20
  2. Glitter & Spice wood teether – $20
  3. Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder – $8
  4. Skip Hop Moby Thermometer – $20

Some cute – yet useful items. Bonus points: a lot of these items come in boxes.

The Soft Stuff

Row 4:

  1. H&M wrap over bodysuits – $14.99 for two
  2. Kyte Baby – Sleep Sack $50
  3. Juddlies Sleeper – $23
  4. The OVer Co Reversible Swaddle – 45

Row 5:

  1. Trucs d’enfants Tuque – $20
  2. Hooded towel set $38
  3. SwaddleMe Original – $19
  4. VonBon Harem pants – $32

These are some of the things that make me excited. It’s hard to find real neutral colored baby items – and I love the quality on these items. If you’re shopping for a millennial mom – I’m sure you get extra points for buying items that are made from organic materials – or made in Canada. If you want your dollars to work harder for you – I would check your local winners and look for cute zip up onesies, I ones I found are usually around $8 – $12. I also recommend checking Amazon – I purchased quite a few things from them.

Diapering Products

Row 6:

  1. Parasol Co. Diapers – $24
  2. The Honest Company Diapers – $17
  3. WaterWipes – $20
  4. The Honest Company – All Purpose Healing Balm – $15

This really depends on the type of mom you’re shopping for. In general, all diapering products are useful – but there seems to be a greater shift to organic/natural products. These are products I would use on my own baby.

Once you gathered up all your gift items, a great way to fill up your basket is to use the tissue paper on hand – e.g. to fill the bottom and lift the items higher or to fill up any gaps. After that, I would it decoratively so that when I wrap it up with the cellophane paper it’ll add a pop of color.

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