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Baby Starter Kit (Baby Essentials)

Babies actually don’t need much. Depending on the type of person you are – I think it’s possible to streamline the items that you need for baby’s arrival.

  • Diapers: Size Newborn & Size 1.
    • it’s hard to say what size your baby will wear or how quickly they will grow out of the newborn size
  • Wipes/Cotton Balls
  • Diapering products
    • To be honest, I purchased all these organic/”natural” products. In the end I just went with the ol’ tried and true. Plus they were using vaseline in the hospital, and he was doing well with it. I didn’t want to risk him getting an allergic reaction to the other products.
  • Beanie
    • They say newborns loose most of their heat through their heads. This is particularly helpful within those first few days. Just make sure your baby doesn’t over heat… especially if they’re born in the warmer months
  • Onesie/Sleepers
    • I would also grab a few sizes here too (Newborn and 3months). I purchased a lot of footed sleepers upon baby’s arrival, and to be honest… I didn’t really use them. The weather was warm, and my baby runs hot.
  • Swaddle
    • My baby loved being swaddled. I think for the first few days of life, all babies enjoy it because it mimics the womb. After that, these blankets can be used for many other things.
  • Bottles
    • Even if you plan on breastfeeding, it’s still good to have a bottle on hand in case you can’t for some reason.
  • Wash Cloths (especially if you’re bottle feeding)

What you can do without:

  • Sterilizer Machine
    • Boil over stove
  • Bottle warmer
    • Keep hot water in a thermos. Warm bottle in larger bowl filled with hot water. Another option is to warm up the water in a microwave and then place your bottle in the water to warm it up

These items are not cheap, so you could do without them and then assess if it’s worth investing in a separate sterilizing machine or bottle warmer. One thing I should note is that if you do get a sterilizer, it would be helpful if the machine also dries the bottle. I found that it can take a whole day for my items to fully dry.

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