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Photo cred: Lily & Lilac

Hello there!

Today I have our first DIY project on this blog, flower poms! There are many great DIY projects around these colorful pom poms, you can use either flowers like I did below or use tissue paper like the one photographed from my bridal shower.

My mom was feeling inspired to create something similar, so when I came home we got down to business. Most of the supplies mentioned you can purchase at your local dollarstore or Michael’s if you want fancier flowers.

Materials needed:
– Styrofoam balls, multiple sizes
– Flowers (we used around 8 bunches, try to estimate how many flowers you need in store)
– Glue gun & glue sticks
– Ribbon, any
– Pliers

– Old bed sheet to protect your floors

DIY Flower Poms materials

Use pliers to cut your flowers off the stem, leave about 1.5″ of the stem.

DIY pom cut flowers

Using the left over stem, bend it into a loop and stick into styrofoam ball. Glue into place.

DIY Flower Poms supplies

Start tightly inserting your flowers into the styrofoam ball. Try to work in rows to keep your ball looking neat. Once you’re happy with how each row looks, insert glue to hold the flowers in place. Proceed with new row and continue until fully covered.

Once you have the completed product, add some ribbon to the hoop that you made earlier. We recommend using different ribbon lengths so that your balls can hang at different heights.

DIY pom

DIY flower pom pink and roses

…and that sums it up for our completed flower poms!

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