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Keeping Floral Arrangements Fresh

I love creating floral arrangements in the spring and summer months. Whether it’s from a local florist or grocery store – I think it’s a great way to add color into your home. Not to mention it smells great and gives you inspiration to clean up the place!
Today I’m sharing some of my tips & tricks I use to extend the life of my floral arrangements.

  • Choose the right flowers
    • Some flowers last longer than others. You can go for your favorites during special occasions but if you just want a pop of color, flowers like carnations and mums last for several weeks.
  • Ask the florist to add water to your flowers before wrapping it up
    • This helps the flowers stay fresher, longer – especially if you’re not heading home right away
  • Trim your stems
    • This helps the flowers suck up more water
    • Try to use the sharpest scissors or knife on hand
  • Remove lower leaves
    • Keeping the leaves underwater can make them rot faster
    • For hydrangeas, I heard it’s recommended to remove leaves to keep them fresh longer
  • Use the floral food provided
    • I’m pretty sure this helps with the freshness
  • Add fresh water daily / replace water
    • Depending on how difficult it is for me to replace the water, sometimes I will just use a watering can to add more water throughout the week

Normally I find that my floral arrangements will look best within the first week. After that, some flowers don’t look as fresh (especially when you have a mixed bouquet like the image above). To extend their lifeline, I’ll remove all wilting flowers and re-trim the rest. Since my bouquet won’t be as full, I’ll move the flowers into a smaller vase.

Here’s a mini arrangement using the same flowers:

Below I have another example:
I’m not sure what happened to this one hydrangea – it completely wilted after 2 days. Luckily I still had some flowers from my first arrangement and I swapped out the wilted hydrangea with another one I had on hand + two white snap dragons.

I had some really mixed experiences with hydrangeas – if I were to create my own floral arrangements for a wedding, I would play it safe and not include them.

If you have your own tips, please share below. I would love to learn better ways to extend the life of these flowers!

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