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NARS Ecume

Today I have NARS Ecume.

NARS Ecume

I found this polish through a fashion article listing some of the top white nail polishes. This one isn’t talked about much – usually you hear more about OPI Alpline snow, Essie Blanc, Zoya Purity etc.

This formula is surprisingly smooth. Wow, white polishes have come a long way. I still remember those thick, hard-to-work-with nail polishes that took forever to dry (Ahem, China Glaze White on White). Normally white nail polish can look quite harsh, uneven, and white-out like.

This on the other hand was very easy to apply. I’m not sure if NARS changed the packaging, but the square cap now comes off (similarly to Chanel and Dior), and it also features a nicely wide brush. Wider than OPI, I would say.

I found that the polish went on smoothly, but there were visible lines (but it wasn’t streaky?). At 2 coats I still found it on the sheer side so I ended up at 3 coats. With that being said 3 coats worked really well on my left hand, but I found that my right hand could probably use a thicker layer at the end.

The overall finish is quite glossy and I’m happy with the results.

NARS Ecume Indoors

Other Notes
Product: 15mL for $25 (Same size as OPI)
Value: $1.66/mL
Availability:, Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew,

NARS Ecume
July 15, 2015
9 Overall Score


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