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Planner Decorating Ideas – Starter Kit

I love decorating my planner and it’s crazy how popular it’s becoming. My style is more minimalist. I like my planner to look neat with a few interesting accents to keep it fun and interesting.

I spent one afternoon looking at a few YouTube videos on Planner Starter Kits, and I think you can get away with much less. I know it’s not practical for everyone to spend a lot on a planner or stickers/washi tape to decorate. Because of that, today I gathered a few items to get you started!

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Getting Started

  • A Planner
  • Good writing pens
  • Markers
  • Stickers

Planner. Any planner will do. You can decorate the cover of your school planner (which I did in high school) or purchase a planner (what I did in University and afterwards). For years, Moleskine was my favorite planner – I prefer a weekly view (I like the one where it’s split between weekly view and notes). Moleskine usually comes out with different colors and limited edition collaborations every year. This year I decided to switch things up after discovering the Bando 17 Month Agenda. I actually could not help myself when I saw this – every page was so unique, full of color, AND it comes with a sticker page. 17 Month-Agenda

Planner 1

Planner 2.1

Planner 3.2

Planner 3

Planner 4

Good writing pens & Markers.. Any pen that writes smoothly and isn’t prone to bleeding to the next page is best. I personally like Muji, Pilot and Sanford pens. As for markers, Crayola has a cute pip squeak collection – but anything that has a fine head will do.

Planner 7

Stickers. You don’t have to go crazy with this one. The cost of stickers can really add up. Sometimes in your school agenda they will provide you with some school-related stickers (exams, midterms, appointments). When buying stickers see if you can find travel stickers or task-related stickers – the more simple, the better.

Planner 6

Decorating Ideas. You don’t need much to get started. All you need is a decent pen that you like to write with, and the rest is history. I like to keep my planner organized and easy to read. For the most part I’ll keep my notes in black ink and use colored pens to color code tasks, appointments, play dates and more.
Use your artistic side. You don’t have to be excellent at drawing, cute sketches can give your book quite a charming look. Here are some snippets from my previous journals:

Planner 5.5

Planner 5.4

Planner 5.3

Planner 5.2

Planner 5.1

Hopefully that gave you some inspiration to get started for the new school year! Please use the hashtag #MVEEplanner to share your planner with us!

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