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Soleil Toujour Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF 20 – Review

I’ve been so impressed with how facial sunscreens perform now in today’s market, the days of pasty white sunscreen that lays on the skin is no more. From my experience, I’ve seen a noticeable difference in premium facial sunscreens vs what’s available at the drugstore – especially in regards to mineral formulas. I have spent months researching for a good mineral formula, and there are not that many on the market. You’ll find that most sunscreen available usually contain both mineral and chemical sunscreen ingredients or purely chemical.

Soleil Toujours offers a 100% mineral formula in their Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF 20 which is perfect for everyday use. From my research, an SPF of 15 is sufficient for everyday wear but most experts would recommend an SPF 30 if you’re going to be out in the sun longer.

For your reference:

  • SPF 15 blocks about 94% of UVB Rays
  • SPF 30 a blocks about 97% of UVB Rays
  • SPF 45 a blocks about 98% of UVB Rays

Note that no sunscreen offers 100% protection. So anything above an SPF of 50 is unnecessary. If you’re planning to be out in the sun all day, you must remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or after swimming or excessive sweating. The best way to protect your skin is to avoid being outdoors during peak hours (10am – 4pm), seek shade when you can and wear protective clothing (such as a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and long sleeves). You can also check the Yahoo Weather App, they have a section for the UV index – which changes as the day progresses.

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Soleil Toujours’ Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF 20 is formulated with organic ingredients that contains anti-aging and anti-oxidant actives that help firm the skin, stimulate collagen growth, fade age spots, even skin tone, hydrate, prevent sunburn, and decrease the risk of premature aging and skin cancer caused by sun exposure. It’s active ingredients include 4.8% Titanium Dioxide and 5.0% Zinc Oxide.

Another thing that makes them unique is that they do not include: parabens, oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate, petrolatum, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfates, propylene glycol, animal ingredients or testing, no synthetic fragrances or colors.

The smell instantly reminded me of Supergoop’s forever young hands; it has a nice soft herbal scent. If I have to try to describe it, I would say it’s fresh and with a touch of citrus?

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When I first tested the sunscreen, it required a little more working in so you’ll have to massage it into the skin for about 6 seconds. This sunscreen is thicker than TarteGuard & Shiseido, but when you apply it onto the skin it sheers out. I’m quite surprised by how comfortable it is on the skin, usually when I take my sunscreen down to my neck and chest, it can feel sticky down there (maybe my face is less sensitive because it’s used to having a lot of products on it, haha), but with this after 15-30 minutes, I don’t notice it on my skin.

The sunscreen pairs well with foundation on top. I didn’t experience any issues with it disturbing the rest of my makeup. One thing I should note is that my face appears lighter, but once you add bronzer to the skin it looks fine. If you’re looking for something with a higher SPF, they also offer an SPF 45 on the website.

Overall I think this is a good facial sunscreen. It feels comfortable on the skin – on the face it feels like other sunscreens I have on rotation, but I notice that it is noticeably more comfortable around the neck and chest area. Usually when I take my sunscreen down, that area can feel kind of sticky.

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Other details:
Sunscreen Notes

  • Physical Sunscreen (4.8% Titanium Dioxide and 5.0% Zinc Oxide)
  • Cream
  • SPF 20
  • UVA & UVB protection
  • Made in USA

Other Notes
Product: 50mL for $55USD
Value: $1.1/mL

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Disclaimer: This was sent for review. All opinions are our own and is based on my own personal experience and thoughts. To learn more, please visit our disclosure policy.

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