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How pretty are these? I think swaddle blankets make a very popular gift items. People seem to love buying these – probably because there are so many cute patterns that compliments mom’s style while having so many different uses (Swaddling, nursing cover, blanket, etc).

As a gift, I like the idea of giving a single swaddle that you really like. That way you can bundle it with other gift items since a 4-pack and easily cost $60. Plus you’re probably not the only person who is giving these blankets.

As a mama-to-be, I would recommend only buying things you truly love – since you don’t know what items you’ll be gifted.

Luckily for me, my baby boy loves to be swaddled and to be honest, I get very tempted to buy more blankets just because they’re so cute. But I already have approximately 12+ on rotation. As he grows old of swaddling, I plan to use the blankets to cover an area I will place him down on (I don’t think sofas or floors are a very clean place!). If I were to gift give or buy swaddles for myself, these are the ones I would choose:

These are my picks for Little Unicorn (I find they have the prettiest girly patterns!)

(From L-R)
Row 1 (Boy):

Cotton Swaddle – Surf

Food Truck
Cotton Swaddle – Food Truck

Tan Lines
Cotton Swaddle – Tan Lines

High Tide
Cotton Swaddle – High Tide

Row 2 (Girl):

Brain Freeze
Cotton Muslin Swaddle Single – Brain Freeze

Pink Ladies
Deluxe Swaddle – Pink Ladies

Watercolor Rose
Cotton Swaddle – Watercolor Rose

Deluxe Swaddle – Zebra

Aden + Anais are known for their swaddles.

Natchie Whales & Boats
Natchie Whales & Boats 2-pack

Dylan’s Candy Bar
Dylan’s candy bar classic swaddle 2-pack

Lovestruck classic swaddle 4-pack

Jungle jam
Jungle jam classic swaddle 4-pack

When I saw the Natchie collection, I really wanted to buy them but I didn’t need them so a happy compromise was to purchase the dream blanket…LOL. Different enough.

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