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Tom Ford Orchid Haze + Seductive Rose

I think if Tom Ford combined Orchid Haze & Seductive Rose, it would make the perfect palette. Both Palettes on their own is still lovely but combine them together and you get a beautiful smoky purple palette. In Seductive Rose, I’m not particularly fond of the first and forth color, both are a little too frosty and pink for my liking. Whereas Orchid Haze is a nicely balanced palette but it’s missing that pop of glitter – personally I would have swapped the 3rd color with one of the sparkle shade from Seductive Rose. Since I already have both palettes, I try to find ways where I can maximize each one.

Today I started off with a white base (I just grabbed a random one from Bare Minerals). Then I started incorporating the first, second, and forth color from the Orchid Haze palette. Once I’m satisfied with my blending job, I added the 2nd color from Seductive Rose to make my eyes pop. I’m quite happy with the overall finish.

As much as I like Tom Ford palettes I find that you really need to use your existing collection to add to the quad. Usually I would need to add a highlighter color and a deeper shade to darken the outter V.

Outdoors, Sunlight:
tom ford orchid haze + seductive rose arm swatch 3

Outdoors, Shade:
tom ford orchid haze + seductive rose arm swatch 4

tom ford orchid haze + seductive rose arm swatch 2

On the eyes:
tom ford orchid haze + seductive rose

What do you guys think? I want to note that the glitter shades sparkle much more in person.

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