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Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette: Mega Swatches & Review

This neutral-warm palette that comes with 16 shades, 14 regular sized shadows and 2 larger sized shadows. I purchased this when the Semi-Sweet palette was released last year. After comparing the two palettes in-store, I decided to go with the original. Not to mention Jen Frmhead2Toe mentioned that this palette looked amazing on Asian skin tones.

I’ve been using this palette for months now, and this is something I feel like I can give a very thorough review. Keep Scrolling for some swatches and my thoughts on each color.

First Row:

  1. Gilded Ganache: Smooth, yet chunky. I don’t really reach for this color, but I guess I could.
  2. White Chocolate: Very smooth, buttery. I use this color as a base.
  3. Milk Chocolate: Also very smooth and buttery. I use this color a lot in the crease.
  4. Black Forrest Truffle: Similar to Gilded Ganache, but this is a bit chunkier. The purple is not bad, but I have other palettes that have nicer purples. Plus I prefer my dark colors to be matte.
  5. Triple Fudge: Feels dense but you can still apply evenly. It’s a great alternative to black.

Too Face Chocolate Bar Swatches 1

Second Row:

  1. Salted Caramel: Smooth and buttery. I usually rotate between this and milk chocolate as crease colors.
  2. Marzipan: Smooth and buttery. Reminds me of Stila Kitten.
  3. Semi-Sweet: Smooth and buttery. I think this is my favorite color in the palette.
  4. Strawberry Bon Bon: Smooth (who knew). To me this color is downright ugly. I don’t like pink shadows. Next.
  5. Candied Violet: Between this and Strawberry Bon Bon, I don’t know what color is worst. Maybe this one – it’s dark, yet frosty, and it also includes pink flecks of glitter. Looks cheap.
  6. Amaretto: This is pretty smooth and buttery too. I don’t really reach for this shade, but I can see this suiting those with green and hazel eyes.

Too Face Chocolate Bar Swatches 2

Third Row:

  1. Hazelnut: Smooth and buttery. I’m not the biggest fan of copper tones on my skin, but it’s nice.
  2. Crème Brulee: Very smooth and buttery. This was a surprising love; very flattering.
  3. Haute Chocolate: Smooth and buttery, similar texture to those with a similar finish.
  4. Cherry Cordial: This has the same dense feeling as Triple Fudge, applies smoothly though. I like this color.
  5. Champagne Truffle: This is smooth as well. I sometimes add this to the inner corners of my eyes or under the brow bone. I would like it more if it was less pink. Decent color nonetheless.

Too Face Chocolate Bar Swatches 3

Looks I usually go for:
White Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Semi-Sweet, Triple Fudge

Too Face Chocolate Bar Swatches 4

Marzipan, Crème Brulee, Milk Chocolate, Cherry Cordial

Too Face Chocolate Bar Swatches 5

Colors I use for enhancing other palettes:
Semi-Sweet (by far the most used), Haute Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, Triple Fudge

Too Face Chocolate Bar Swatches 6

Overall I think this is a lovely palette. I‘ve gotten more use out of it than I ever expected, it’s something I reach for almost every day; mainly to add to existing eye looks I’m creating (i.e. adding Semi-Sweet to Tom Ford’s Golden Mink). I also think this is a great palette for creating complete eye looks since it has a good range of matte & shimmer and light & dark shades.

The chocolate scent is something I didn’t expect that I would enjoy so much. Every time I open the palette I get a nice whiff of chocolate. It’s also something I can smell as I’m applying my eyeshadow, but the scent ends up fading once you’re completed your look.

Things they could improve on:
I really like the palette, but I kind of wished they printed the shade names like how they did in the Semi-Sweet palette. Also I think it would be nice if they swapped out Strawberry Bon Bon and Candied Violet.

Chocolate Bar Palettes vs Urban Decay Naked Palettes:
Both brands are great. It mainly comes down to what type of shades you like. As much as I like my Naked Palettes, I do feel like the Chocolate Bar Palette is more versatile. Plus the chocolate scent is to die for.

Price, Availability, etc.:
Product: 18.9g for $59CAD
Value: $3.12/g
Availability: Sephora
Scent: Chocolate (hot chocolate powder would be more accurate)

Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette: Mega Swatches & Review
August 26, 2015
9.2 Overall Score


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