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Top 3 White Nail Polish

I didn’t even know creamy white nail polishes existed in the market. I still remember the days of thick, gloopy polishes that nail polish thinner could not save. I used to do french manicures on a regular basis, a lot of the times the french tip portion would give me a lot of trouble. I also remember painting my nails with China Glaze’s White on White for some nail art – that took me 3, thick, painful coats… and it ended up looking very thick and goopy – like white out.

Today I wanted to share with you 3 white nail polishes that I love. I was going to test more white polishes like Zoya Purity or Essie’s Blanc, but after the results I was seeing, I didn’t feel like it was necessary.

White polishes 2

L-R: OPI Alpine Snow $10.95CAD, NARS Ecume $25CAD, Deborahh Lippmann Amazing Grace $20CAD

OPI appeared thick, but applied very smoothly. I think this one is the best bang for your buck at $10.95 (half the price of the others). This dries down to a semi-shine finish.

OPI Alpine Snow swatch 3

NARS Ecume was exceptionally smooth. Really smooth, actually. The first coat was a little bit sheer, but the coverage was pretty even. At 3 coats you reach close to maximum opacity. What you’re left with is perfectly smooth shiny white nails. Oh I should also note: excellent drying time. Out of all three, I prefer the brush on NARS the most – it’s the most wide, making it easy to get a smooth look around the cuticles without having to clean up after. Compared to the other whites, this one was the least white with a slight yellow undertone – which I’m not sure if I’m crazy about, especially under certain lighting.

NARS Ecume

Deborah Lippmann’s Amazing Grace is a beauty. It’s actually very similar to OPI in terms of color, the only difference I could detect was that Deborah Lippmann appeared more glossy and lasted longer on the nails – I was able to wear this for 1 week with minor chipping on the last day. To be honest I think this one is my favorite of the bunch. It’s creamy, opaque, fast drying and dries down glossy. Super pretty.

Deborah Lippmann Amazing Grace 2

Final Notes:

White polishes 4

Fastest Drying: NARS > OPI > Deborah Lippman – overall they’re all pretty fast

Most Opaque: OPI Alpine Snow (2 coats)> Deborah Lippmann (2-3 coats)> NARS (3+ coats)

Most White: Tie between OPI & Deborah Lippmann (NARS had a slight yellow tint)

If you’re someone who is looking to try out a nice white, I would say go for OPI Alpine Snow. It’s half the price and it’s a quality nail polish.

If you’ve been obsessed with white like I am, I recommend checking out Deborah Lippmann Amazing Grace – It’s a pure bright white that lasts almost a week on the nails. But to be honest, you’ll be set with any one of these 3. Has anyone else tried these shades? What are your thoughts?

P.S. Polishes you can skip: China Glaze White on White, Formula X White Matter

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